Mom Defrazzlers Fascination with Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds have been my latest fascination so I wanted to talk about them here on Mom Defrazzler.  Diamonds are women’s best friend. It is every woman’s dream to own a set of diamond jewelry. However, diamonds

sweet chocolate diamond rings
Yummy sweet chocolate diamond rings!

are expensive and only a few people can afford them. The expensive price of diamond has made it one of the symbols of social status. Truth be told; the one who has plenty of money has the most number of diamond jewelries. What if there is an affordable diamond jewelry alternative? What if you can now own a set of diamond jewelry or a ring perhaps at a fraction of a cost? Chocolate Diamonds is the answer.

Chocolate Diamonds is a registered trademark of Le Vian Corporation; a company that produces jewelries out of brown diamonds. The earth is rich in brown diamonds and Australia produced the most number of diamonds each year. Many years ago, jewelers are not that really interested in using brown diamond as jewelry piece because it does not have the luster and shine needed to create diamond jewelries. The primary reason for mining brown diamond is for industrial purposes.

The birth of chocolate diamond jewelry

It was the Le Vian Corporation that put brown diamond in the jewelry industry. The company named the jewelry made from high quality brown diamond as “Chocolate Diamonds.” It was in the early 2000s when the company began designing high quality brown diamond jewelries and since then it has become very successful. Today, you will find a lot of popular personalities wearing chocolate diamond jewelries. You can’t blame them though as chocolate diamonds shine the most when worn in fashion events. The nature, luster, and hue of brown diamonds make it perfect for any skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

Le Vian chocolate diamond rings

Brown diamonds are more affordable than traditional clear diamonds, but this does not necessarily mean that they are cheap. The ones worn by famous celebrities cost thousands of dollars because of the unique and fashionable chocolate diamondsdesign details. If you are looking for a more affordable option, then try on Le Vian chocolate diamond rings. There are a lot of designs, styles, and price range to choose from. Real brown diamond in gold setting can be purchased in less than a thousand dollars. Of course, the price of the ring varies depending on the quality of stone, gold setting, and design details.

Buying high quality chocolate diamonds

levian chocolate diamond ring
Levian Chocolate Diamond Rings

Diamonds shine the best only if you got to wear the real thing. So, if you are out there shopping for chocolate diamonds, make sure you get what you had paid for. It all starts by finding out the characteristics of genuine brown diamond. Check the cut, clarity, shape, luster, and so on. Make sure you only shop from a highly reputable jewelry store. Le Vian offers the best brown diamonds and they regularly offer chocolate diamond ring sale. They offer a huge array of choices when it comes to chocolate diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and so on. Le Vian also has authorized dealers such as Jared Jewelry, Zales, and Kays.

The woman’s fascination with diamonds started since time immemorial. “Diamonds are forever”, as the famous saying goes. No wonder why a lot of women would want to have one and a lot of men are doing the best they can to give diamonds to the women they love. The birth of chocolate diamond has continued to mesmerize women from all walks of life.