Mom Defrazzlers Fascination with Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds have been my latest fascination so I wanted to talk about them here on Mom Defrazzler.  Diamonds are women’s best friend. It is every woman’s dream to own a set of diamond jewelry. However, diamonds

sweet chocolate diamond rings
Yummy sweet chocolate diamond rings!

are expensive and only a few people can afford them. The expensive price of diamond has made it one of the symbols of social status. Truth be told; the one who has plenty of money has the most number of diamond jewelries. What if there is an affordable diamond jewelry alternative? What if you can now own a set of diamond jewelry or a ring perhaps at a fraction of a cost? Chocolate Diamonds is the answer.

Chocolate Diamonds is a registered trademark of Le Vian Corporation; a company that produces jewelries out of brown diamonds. The earth is rich in brown diamonds and Australia produced the most number of diamonds each year. Many years ago, jewelers are not that really interested in using brown diamond as jewelry piece because it does not have the luster and shine needed to create diamond jewelries. The primary reason for mining brown diamond is for industrial purposes.

The birth of chocolate diamond jewelry

It was the Le Vian Corporation that put brown diamond in the jewelry industry. The company named the jewelry made from high quality brown diamond as “Chocolate Diamonds.” It was in the early 2000s when the company began designing high quality brown diamond jewelries and since then it has become very successful. Today, you will find a lot of popular personalities wearing chocolate diamond jewelries. You can’t blame them though as chocolate diamonds shine the most when worn in fashion events. The nature, luster, and hue of brown diamonds make it perfect for any skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

Le Vian chocolate diamond rings

Brown diamonds are more affordable than traditional clear diamonds, but this does not necessarily mean that they are cheap. The ones worn by famous celebrities cost thousands of dollars because of the unique and fashionable chocolate diamondsdesign details. If you are looking for a more affordable option, then try on Le Vian chocolate diamond rings. There are a lot of designs, styles, and price range to choose from. Real brown diamond in gold setting can be purchased in less than a thousand dollars. Of course, the price of the ring varies depending on the quality of stone, gold setting, and design details.

Buying high quality chocolate diamonds

levian chocolate diamond ring
Levian Chocolate Diamond Rings

Diamonds shine the best only if you got to wear the real thing. So, if you are out there shopping for chocolate diamonds, make sure you get what you had paid for. It all starts by finding out the characteristics of genuine brown diamond. Check the cut, clarity, shape, luster, and so on. Make sure you only shop from a highly reputable jewelry store. Le Vian offers the best brown diamonds and they regularly offer chocolate diamond ring sale. They offer a huge array of choices when it comes to chocolate diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and so on. Le Vian also has authorized dealers such as Jared Jewelry, Zales, and Kays.

The woman’s fascination with diamonds started since time immemorial. “Diamonds are forever”, as the famous saying goes. No wonder why a lot of women would want to have one and a lot of men are doing the best they can to give diamonds to the women they love. The birth of chocolate diamond has continued to mesmerize women from all walks of life.



What Are Probiotics and Why Should You Take Them?

Probiotics are microorganisms like yeasts and bacteria. No, they are not that bad ones, but the good ones. As a matter of fact, most of these microorganisms have been living inside the human body and their role is to maintain a healthy balance. For an instance, in the digestive tract, there are more than 500 kinds of good bacteria, which help process the foods we eat and at the same time keep the walls of the intestines strong. They are there to keep the body healthy and function correctly.

Does the body really need probiotics?

A lot of products today are marketed as probiotics. The big question is, “do you really need probiotics?” The answer is a big yes! Probiotics are important to the human body because they maintain overall healthy. They do not only affect the digestive processes, but as well as the immune system. For gastrointestinal health, probiotics can greatly improve the function and integrity of the intestines, especially the intestinal lining.

What Role do Probiotics Play in the Body?

Probiotics do play a very important role in increasing the power and response of the immune system. If you are going to introduce probiotics or good bacteria to the body, the immune system will be challenged thereby making your body resistant from allergies and other environmental health hazards.

Where Are Probiotics Found Naturally?

Many products today are enriched with probiotics such as yogurts, cheese, and other dairy products. If you don’t like dairy products, then do not worry because there are probiotic supplements. They are not only providing your body good bacteria, but as well as the much needed vitamins and nutrients.

Finding the best probiotic supplement

There are many probiotic supplements out there, but not of them are of high quality. As a matter of fact, most of them are poorly produced. To make sure you get the best value for your money, you have to see to it that the probiotic supplement you purchase is fresh. Keep in mind that if the probiotic supplement sits for more than a year, then it will lose 60% of its effectiveness. Below are the important things to keep in mind when choosing a probiotic supplement:

  • Colony forming units (CFUs) – Typical probiotics usually have 20 billion colony forming unit, which corresponds to a total of 20 billion healthy living bacteria every day. Keep in mind that in order for your digestive to function properly, it needs 100 trillion health microorganisms.
  • GMP rating – Make sure that the probiotic supplement you choose is GMP rated. The specific dose should be mentioned.
  • Shelf life – Always make it a habit to check the shelf life of the probiotic supplement. The efficacy of the supplement will be reduced by 60% if it sits for more than a year already.
  • Bacterial strain – You should as well check the bacterial strain of the product. The best probiotic supplement should contain bacteria and yeast; plus an added prebiotic. A combination of these strains will surely make the supplement even more effective.
  • Probiotic coating – Choose a probiotic supplement with protective coating to make sure that it is protected while making its way to the stomach and intestines.

Probiotics do a lot of good things to the body. They help get rid of certain disease condition and keep the body generally healthy. If you are not eating foods enrich with probiotics or you are not taking probiotic supplement, then

Gluten Free Probiotic Supplement
Daily Pro Blend 12B is a Gluten Free Probiotic Supplement

now is the perfect time to add them to your healthy lifestyle.  All of these features are found in Open Doors Nutrition Daily Pro Blend 12B, probiotic supplement available on their website and on Amazon.


An Athletic Green’s Live Taste Test – Good?

You may or may not have heard of Athletic Greens… or in that case any

type of “green” super-drink. Well I’ve been taking a pill form of greens

for a few months and when I saw Athletic Greens… I had to try.


far it’s been pretty awesome. It really is a super food cocktail. You

can watch me mix it, drink it… and then see by my face if it was good

or not.

HINT: Yes… it’s a pretty awesome product.

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Athletic Greens

Is Dr. Adel Malek the Right Neurosurgeon for you?

Neurosurgery is a special branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of the disorders of the nervous system. It basically includes the delicate structures of the body such as the brain, spinal cord, extra cranial cardiovascular system, and the peripheral nerves. The neurosurgeon is the one that handles everything that happens to the nervous system; including the simple things and the life threatening ones. A person who is suffering from a neurological condition is surely facing a great deal of stress and uncertainty. Neurological conditions will put the person in a delicate condition both physically and emotionally. Hence, if you have any concerns involving your neurologic system, then you should immediately see a doctor that specializes in neurology. One of the doctors to entrust your health is Dr. Adel Malek.

Who is Dr. Adel Malek?

Dr. Adel Malek is one of the best neurosurgeons in town. He is currently living in Boston, Massachusetts and is affiliated with Tufts Medical Center. He has been practicing neurosurgery for more than two decades now, which

tufts medical center
Tufts Medical Center

only goes to show that he has vast experience handling different neurosurgical cases. He is the department head in one of the neurosurgery divisions in Tufts Medical Center. There are only eight (8) neurosurgeons in Tuft and Dr. Adel Malek is definitely one of the best.

Areas of Specialization

Dr. Malek specializes in neurosurgery. As mentioned above, a neurosurgeon is the one that treats disorders of the brain, skull, meninges, spinal cord, pituitary gland, cranial nerves, spinal nerves, meninges, vertebral column, and the nervous system as a whole. As much as possible, he uses a minimally invasive surgical procedure in diagnosing and treating various neurological conditions such as hydrocephalus, spinal disc herniation, trauma to the head and spinal cord, infection, tumor, and the likes. He subspecializes in interventional neuroradiology and cerebrovascular neurosurgery.

Educational background and medical training

Adel graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1994. He spent his internship in Brigham and Women’s Hospital from 1994 to 1995. He completed his neurological surgery residency in Boston Children’s Hospital from 1995 to 2001. In 1997 to 1999, he has a fellowship in neuroradiology in UCSF Medical Center. Throughout his decades in neurosurgery practice, he has gained several certifications and license such as certification in neurological surgery, American Board of Neurological Surgery, and MA State Medical License.


He has received various recognitions and awards and some of them include super doctor,, Regional Top Doctor, Castle Connolly, and Fellow (FAANS), American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

dr adel malek
Dr. Adel Malek

He is currently affiliated with Tufts Medical Center; a regional hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Should you wish to see Dr. Malek, you can visit his office in 800 Washington Street, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts. Feel free to make an appointment by dialing (617) 636-8200.

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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Approach

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition actively takes part in reforming the health care system. Today’s health care system is broken, which increases the need for health coaches. A health coach is a person who is devoted and passionate in helping patients with their health and wellness goals. The Integrative Nutrition is the world’s leading nutrition school which has been proving competent health coach since 1992.

IIN was founded by Joshua Rosenthal and it has successfully gone from 20 students to thousands of students and graduates. One of the reasons behind the success of IIN is its curriculum. The Integrative Nutrition covers more than 100 dietary theories including primary food, bio-individuality, and health advocacy.

The health coaching program of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition helps students to land a meaningful career as a health coach. What sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it does not only focus on nutrition, but as well as

Integrative Nutrition Makes Learning EasyIntegrative Nutrition Health coaching School

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition makes use of innovative online learning platform. The theories, concepts, and lectures can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you have your computer, tablet, or smartphone. With this convenient, you can surely learn the program at your own pace. Many of successful health coach today are products of IIN. With their educational foundation from IIN, they were able to educate, guide, and empower other people to make healthy choices for their health and life as a whole.

IIN graduates were able to better their health as well as the health of others. They too were able to land a promising career in health coaching. Some of them produced their very own product lines, worked in the wellness center, published their very own books, and some even put up their restaurant business using the knowledge they got from the health coaching program of IIN. Students are confident that right after finishing the program, they will be able to fully understand the concept of nutrition and how to incorporate these concepts to day to day life.

The Integrative Nutrition’s mission is to help improve the health and happiness of people and eventually have a positive impact towards transforming the world. IIN actively supports its students, alumni, and the community in general in promoting health and wellness.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Curriculum

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