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Defrazzle Your Marriage!

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In other words,


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Well, you’ve arrived at a great place!

Welcome to the Mom-Defrazzler!

The wellness enhancing, stress-reducing, self-care tool for moms!

Imagine having an online resource that:

  • pops up automatically once a week with a cheerful tip, encouragement, or resource to help you be a better mom …
  • helps you deal with stress and get from chaos to calm in small, delightful steps in just one year …
  • enables you to feel valued, resourceful, and competent through it’s weekly messages …
  • teaches you self-care and personal wellness ideas that fit nicely into your day without adding more stress and guilt …
  • helps you help other moms by being able to quickly and easily pass these messages around …
  • creates a little cyber-resource that you can access anytime from your computer if you want to go back and check something later without wading through weeks and months of e-mails …
  • gives you the ability to remain anonymous and just collect your tips, or be “known” and get to know other moms through a private online community …

All of this is yours to discover when you download your free copy of the Mom-Defrazzler.

Here’s what one mom has said:

“My name is Stephanie, and I think this program for moms is remarkable. I was glad to see it popup this morning when I restarted my computer. It was a welcome change! I look forward to the other messages to come. Just what I needed. As a matter of fact, I would like to see it popup once a day!”
Stephanie Gentry

The Mom-Defrazzler is a unique, downloadable tool that will share weekly tips and tricks with you to help you become more centred, aware, and skilled as a mother in today’s chaotic world.

It’s not about living in perfection, it’s about surviving with grace. It’s not about big goals and pushing hard to excel, it’s about learning to laugh and love, and about experiencing your everyday life at a whole new level. It’s not a taskmaster, but a friend having a cup of tea with another friend and sharing her experiences as she goes through life.

If you’d like to join me in this adventure,
click here to download your free “Mom-Defrazzler“!

****Please note: You MUST regularly (i.e. daily) turn
your computer off for this program to work!****

When the year is up there will be other opportunities for you to continue this journey with me and with other Moms who have followed along with the Mom-Defrazzler. You will also have the opportunity to delve deeper into those areas you are struggling with through courses, ideas shared by other Moms, and through new websites and booklists.

Once you’ve downloaded the “Mom-Defrazzler“, come back and take a minute to explore my site. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Enjoy the journey!
Darlene Hull