Here are some defrazzling resources you might like to check out!– Jack London

For your kids
Free stuff for kids – free science kits and computer programs – you just pay a $5.00 shipping and handling charge per item! Our kids love these. Great information on homeschooling as well, if you’re interested.
Family Safe Media – products to ensure the safety of your children on-line, and a source of family friendly movies.
My Precious Kid – safety products for your children, as well as toys and useful childcare products.
Magic Learning Systems – a unique and fun tool to help your children learn their facts for school.
Fun With Figures – a unique system for learning mental math. Easy enough for ME to work with!

For your personal self-care
Online Flowers – a great place to order flowers for your home, or to just cheer yourself up!
When Your Body Gets the Blues – information and help for “body blues” – a mild form of depression.
Power of laughter – an inexpensive ($17.00) guide to the art of laughter for personal well-being.
Aromathyme – my favourite online resource for aromatherapy products (tell her Darlene Hull sent you!)
Cellercise! – my personal favourite form of exercise – quick, efficient, and a great way to work on kegels!
The Passion Test – discover your values and needs and then discover how to live them.
Simpleology – a fun, FREE course that helps you get clear on your goals, and then work on a step-by-step system to reach them.
Body and Soul Lisa Kavenagh’s Site from Australia: a resourceful and relaxing atmosphere to drop in and look through. Offering a range of different massage techniques, as well as botanical and organic products.
Everything Mother’s Day A great site for gifts for yourself, or for your mom, to inspire, encourage, and delight!
Change One – a step-by-step method for weight loss and better health by changing one meal at a time.

For your mothering
MomScape – this is a great place for articles and ideas for every aspect of mothering.
Organized Families A great site with ideas, tips, and tools to help keep yourself organized as a busy mom.

For your marriage
50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships – an e-book full of ways to improve your marriage
300 Creative Dates – an e-book who’s title says it all!
1000 Questions for Couples – another great e-book to help build communication in your marriage.

For your family
A Family Website – an easy inexpensive ($10.00/month including hosting and domain name) tool for creating a family website, facilitating your ability to keep in touch with friends and family from around the world! It’s also a business opportunity, so if you’re not interested in that, just be patient as the movie plays, and you’ll get the information you’re looking for.

For Quick and Easy Meals!
What’s for Dinner? – a fun recipe book chock full of easy, nutritious recipes – very inexpensive! Only $7.99 for over 350 recipes!
30 Recipes, 30 Ingredients – a book of quick easy recipes for when you’re in a hurry
Healthy, Quick Meals – a free resource with great recipes and meal planning tips. Everything is quick and easy – my kind of site!

For your home
Handy Woman’s Home Repairs – an inexpensive ($17.00) e-book that teaches women how to do standard home repairs.
Finally Organized, Finally Free – a great book that’s full of ideas for getting organized and dealing with clutter
I Need More Time – articles and resources to help you be better organized
Goal Manager – a useful tool for getting organized and staying organized

For your peace of mind
Better Behaviour Wheel – a useful tool to help bring calm back to a chaotic household through behaviour management.

For your spiritual life
Faith Minders – a place for some wonderful inspirational gifts – like rosaries, jewelry, journals, stationery, etc.
Prayer Power for Women – a site with some interesting products to help you with your prayer life.
Heaven – Will you be there?
Epic Reality – The REST of the story

For your finances
Yard Sale Secrets Revealed – an inexpensive ($13.97) guide to tripling the sales profits on your next yard sale.
Cheapskate Monthly – an online newsletter with excellent tips and resources for saving money and living within your means.
Access Abundance – a very interesting site that helps you focus on abundance, instead of scarcity. Great courses and tools are also available here.
Family Finance Planner – Discover how you can easily keep on top of your finances, keep your bank manager off your back and work out how to finally afford that car or holiday that you’ve always wanted!

For your home business
Women Working from Home – an inexpensive ($17.00) guide for women to help them get started on a home business.
Christian Work At Home Moms – a great online place for Christian work at home moms to hang out, get ideas and encouragement, and make friends.
Site Builder – a very easy-to-use resource to build a functioning business website for people who don’t know what they’re doing!
Work At Home Kit – everything you need to get started on your own home business!
My Mommy Biz – a resource site for moms working from home
Recruit Your Way to Millions – Multi-Million-dollar MLMer, Fred P. Stege, shows you simple and easy-to-copy recruiting tactics that instantly generate avalanches of highly motivated recruits within days!
Ultimate MLM Leads – one of the largest and most respected lead generation companies in the network marketing industry. If you want a steady supply of people ready and willing to hear about your offer, start here!